Our Technology


Experience Ground-Effect travel across the oceans, gliding between islands at speeds unachievable even by the fastest speedboat in the world.  ​The average cruising speed for our WIG-Craft model SW-12 is 180 Km/h (>90 Knots). We shall be redefining maritime travel and setting the new norm for speed for maritime travel.


Our WIG-Craft model SW-12 runs on #93 petrol like a car, docks at a jetty like a boat, and fly in Ground-Effect like a plane. The passenger experience during Ground-Effect travel is tranquil and comfortable just like in an airline service minus the associated high cost. This is the new dawn of a revolutionary maritime transportation mode for the world.


Flying just metres above the water surface  translate to safer journeys between destinations separated by long distances. The average height above water is 1 to 3 metres during Ground-Effect travel. In the unlikely situation that flight is disrupted, our WIG-Craft model SW-12 can travel like a marine vessel to the nearest shore.


Our new transportation system based on the application of WIG-Technology shall redefine trans-archipelagic maritime travel. It will transform places separated by large expanse of oceans, especially in the Riau Archipelago – Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. This new transport system shall bring forth a transformation of sea-faring lifestyle through the establishment of a  new transport ecosystem.


SEAWIG Technologies is a group of companies started in 2010 for the purpose of  research, development, and application of Wing-In-Ground Effect technology.

Our aim is to commence commercial production of transport vehicles that fly in Ground-Effect mode.  These crafts are also known as Ground-Effect Vehicles (GEV), WIG-Crafts, Wingships, and Ekranoplans.

Our operations are located in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.


There are more than 25,000 islands in Maritime Southeast Asia – Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore, where the ancient Majapahit Kingdom was once located.  

These multitude of islands are scattered  in the wide expanse of ocean and our forebears has always dreamed of how to connect these islands effortlessly like joining stars in the sky.

Today we believe it is achievable through the use of our WIG-Technology.


Ground-Effect is a natural phenomenon.  Birds, planes and Superman experience it during flight.  

There have been many Ground-Effect Vehicles designed to harness this nature phenomenon to achieve high speed travel that is cost and energy efficient.

We possess 3 operational prototypes that have performed numerous demonstration flights in the last 3 years.

We will be commencing  commercial production in the coming years.